Searles Quick Couch Lawn Seed

  • 400g pack
  • A hardy, quick establishing lawn seed ideal for poor soils



Couch grass is an aggressive grower, particularly in the warmer months, which rapidly colonises bare ground to form a dense mat of fine pointed leaves. Couch grass is used for soil stabilisation and erosion control, and is one of the best and hardiest turf species.

Couch grass is able to tolerate both humid sub-tropical conditions and semi arid conditions. This makes couch an ideal grass seed for lawn establishment. Couch is very hardy and is able to take household traffic. It is also very effective as erosion control or slope stability.

Couch actively grows in warmer months but becomes dormant in cooler months. Couch may be frosted at very low temperatures. Re-growth in spring is rapid. Couch is a fine seed and must be spread carefully and may take up to two weeks to germinate. It is recommended to sow Quick Couch seeds during the warmer months from spring through summer and not during winter.

  • 400g pack
  • Drought tolerant
  • Ideal for infertile soils
  • Rich green colour
  • Very hardy
  • Establishes quickly
  • Aggressive summer grower
  • Best sown spring/summer
  • Rainfall range 500mm – 1400mm per year
  • Sowing rate: 0.5 – 1kg/100m2 for lawns, 4 – 6kg/ha for pastures
  • Hulled for faster germination