ECO 88s Fertiliser

  • 16 Kilogram per bag
  • General purpose fertiliser



Achieve fast growth and long lasting colour with Eco88s, a quality, balanced fertiliser that combines organic and inorganic elements. This premium fertiliser is suitable for the whole garden and fantastic for lawns due to its balance of nutrients, granular form and added iron.

Eco88s was originally formulated specifically for turf but today is now used as a general purpose fertiliser. The added iron produces more vibrant colours in flowers and deep green foliage.

Eco88s contains two forms of nitrogen (sulfate of ammonia and organic nitrogen) along with phosphorus, sulfate of potash and essential trace nutrients to ensure fast greening, strong leaf growth, and bright colours.
The added organic material improves soil nutrition and balance and we use sulfate of potash rather than muriate of potash as it is better for the environment.